Business Lines

  • Retail

    Established in KSA, Ahlan is a food retail chain with more than 30 locations available in KSA, UAE, Lebanon and Syria. Ahlan follows “your local neighborhood store” concept with more than 700 SKUs available in store, in addition to a bakery.



    Hot & Crispy

    Hot & Crispy is a unique Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) concept. The concept revolves around potatoes. Potatoes are served in a wide variety of fun shapes, baked or fried, and feature many deliciously seasoned coatings and toppings. The menu also includes chicken nuggets and the recently launched mini burgers. Hot & Crispy was founded in 2000 in KSA and is currently available in more than 100 locations.


    Capo Grillo

    Capo Grillo is a casual dinning restaurant available in KSA and Syria.

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