Business Lines

  • Manufacturing
    Meat Factory

    The meat factory is an ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 & HACCP certified factory for processed meat products and has a product portfolio of more than 100 items, mainly: chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken pane, meat balls, burgers, kofta, franks, luncheon meat, cold cuts, salami, pepperoni and hot dogs.


    Our products are distributed through IFCG distribution channels, mainly in hypermarkets and supermarkets as well as distribution through wholesale channels. Recently, we started contract packing for major retailer in KSA such as Panda, Guddy, Sunbula and IKEA as well as exporting to several countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Oman and Sudan.


    Meat factory products marketed under the following brands: Hot & Crispy, Golden Fields


    Jam/Honey Factory

    A certified factory for the production of jam, honey and ketchup. Products are distributed through IFCG distribution division, mainly as wholesale and to hypermarkets. We recently started contracting packing for Panda and other retailers in KSA.



    Potato Factory

    Located in Cairo, Egypt, IFCG factory is a state of the art potato-processing factory. Through recently launched in 2012, the factory is capable of producing more than 12 different types of potatoes, such as: twister, wedges, French fries and country fries.



    Al Rakkia Factory

    Established in Syria since 2006, Al Rakkia is a factory specialized in powdered food products. The factory’s main products include: full cream milk powder, flavored milk powder, juice powder, custard, corn flour, cake and pizza mix. Al Rakkia markets its product in Syria under the brand name “Jena”.



    Aluminum Factory

    The Modern Aluminum Factory’s main production line is focused on packaging food products from thin aluminum foil. The main products are aluminum foil containers, trays, plates, pots and cling film. The Aluminum factory products are marketed under the “A-Clean” brand.



    The Global Specialist Plant for Plastic is dedicated to producing HDPE garbage collection bags, HDPE shopper bags and LDPE boutique bags. As part of its commitment to the environment, the factory has recently launched its eco-friendly garbage bags and has installed a recycling machine that collects plastic waste and converts it into raw materials for plastic products.


    IFS currently operates 2 plastic factories; 1 in KSA and 1 in Lebanon. Both factories have a combined monthly capacity to produce over 180 tons of trash bags, more than 170 tons of "t-shirt" bags, 2,880 cases of aluminum foils and 3,500 cases of cling film.

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