Global Subsidiaries

  • United Foodstuffs & Catering – Lebanon
    "Operating in Lebanon since 1992, United Foodstuffs & Catering Co (UFC) is a focused brand building setup specializing in the following FMCG categories:"

    Food products


    Frozen products

    Beverages, non-alcoholic drinks and mineral water products

    Consumer products


    With more than 11,000 sqm of warehouse spaces, a distribution fleet of more than 50 trucks and a supply chain that is being continuously upgraded, UFC covers 60% of the total Lebanese market’s weighted volume and deals directly with the following brands: Mazola, Rauch Juices, Efes NAB, Golden Fields, SARAY Confectionery, Tiffany Culinary, GOLDA Pasta, Mounir Bissat Halawi, Hot & Crispy, A-Clean and Gulfmaid.


    Website: www.ufclb.com


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