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    International Food Services (IFS) is a regionally renowned Saudi Holding Company established in 1994, as part of Mimar investment group - a Saudi Bin Laden Corporation.

    IFS is specialized in the distribution, manufacturing, catering, retail and franchising of numerous consumer goods.  By implementing a systematic strategy of geographic expansion and quality assurance, IFS ensured its position as the region’s fastest growing network of consumer products within the FMCG industry.


    We, at IFS, pride ourselves in being producers, distributors and agents of premium international consumer brands as well as contract manufacturers of the best products lines in the region. We are devoted to adding value by enhancing demand, ensuring availability of goods, guaranteeing quality, managing efficient logistics and delivering high-end customer services and products through our varied network of sales channels across the MENA region.


    IFS mainly focuses on the following activities:



    What We Do:


    IFS currently owns 8 manufacturing facilities located in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. IFS also owns  and manages specialized distribution companies in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, UAE and Egypt.

    As part of our commitment to excellence, all IFS production facilities are ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified.


    We have undertaken sales and marketing of several international brands through our distribution network, such as Mazola, Libby’s, Saray Confectionary, Effes NAB, Iffco-Tiffany Culinary, Rauch, Golda Pasta, Best Mix Bakery, Mounir Bissat Halawa, Sunquick and Suntop Juice Concentrate.

    Through continuous and sustainable organic growth, our manpower has reached 1,560 employees distributed amongst the different operational units across the MENA region.


    Within the scope of our industry, IFS also owns and operates more than 134 food service outlets amongst which are: Capo Grillo and Hot & Crispy.

    IFS food products portfolio includes: meat, shrimp, potato, jam, honey, milk, corn flour, custard, cake, cream caramel, cream Chantilly, pizza bake mix, ice cream, juice, tomato sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, gelatin dessert and halawa. Our non-food products include: disposable plastic, aluminum and cleaning products.

    IFS is backed by GrowthGate Capital, a specialist private equity firm creating global companies from MENA.

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