• Our products always meet the safety international standards in order to ensure the satisfaction of our most discerning customers.
  • Our potato manufacturing facilities use the latest technologies. This can be clearly observed in our product’s outstanding quality and taste.
  • Golden Fields are quite selective when it comes to farms. We heavily emphasize safety and health factors and we developed a comprehensive understanding of needed quality and taste of various customer needs...
  • Delightful in taste and nutritious as well, pizza and other dishes should not be placed on your table without Golden Fields sauces.
  • We have turned locally grown fruits into delectable jams as part of our expansion strategy and as proof of our commitment to your needs.
  • We manufacture a unique variety of plastic bags including, Star seal, vegetable bags, tablecloth and garbage bags.
  • Cooked and specially packed to retain taste, Golden Fields frozen vegetables come in assorted varieties to completely suit your needs.
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